Our Dogs



Our 70 lbs AKC silver abstract Standard Poodle dam is just the sweetest and the best mommy.  Maggie has been cleared by Embark health testing. She is a part of our family and lives in our home. When she is not busy romping around at the farm, she loves snuggle time with the kids.



Gunther is a 97 lbs AKC Bernese Mountain Dog born in 2014.  He has been Embark health tested and is completely clear.
Gunther is an inside/outside family pet that lives about 5 miles away from our farm.  He visits our farm only during his favorite part of the process.  Even when visiting with raging hormones, he is such a gentleman to everyone!


Josie - JoJo (retired)

Jojo is now retired loving life just as much as before.  She loves to play and explore the outdoors.  She is a part of our family and will be with us for life.
JoJo was a great mother, she took wonderful care of her puppies and even fed and cared for foster babies. She cant wait to play with future Eight Pines puppies.  Although JoJo loves being a house dog, she loves the farm life even more.  She enjoys barking at the horses and even occasionally rolling in manure when she gets a chance.  She lives a happy life!